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Rapper Game rocks rhymes about Roy Halladay on new album

Philadelphia Phillies ballplayer and Bay Area music executive Jimmy Rollins(notes) was hanging out on Twitter on Thursday night when he blurted a major announcement:

Roy Halladay(notes) has made it on The Game's new album!!! Track 17 'All I Know'

He what? Doc Halladay lent his voice to an album? A hip-hop record? But isn't he from the mountains of Colorado? More of a country/Christmas song guy? Rollins, who knows how to spot musical talent, quickly set the record straight:

@xochristinaxo I can assure u roy cannot rap

Well, that hasn't stopped others from trying. So, instead of Roy himself rhyming, it's the rapper Game (he has dropped the "The") who is spitting some truth about Halladay in "All I Know," a track on his forthcoming opus, "The R.E.D. Album."

You might be wondering: What could Game — a Los Angeles native and hip hop superstar — POSSIBLY have to say about Philly's favorite doctor, and the favorite to win the NL Cy Young Award? Game is West Coast. Halladay is East.

Well, the album doesn't drop 'til Tuesday, and there aren't any published lyrics that I could find, but i-Tunes will let you listen to 90 seconds of each track for free — as Rollins noted. This is the part of the song relevant to Roy:

Money like Madoff
Killin' like Adolph
Roy Halladay — I'll let a [bleepin'] "K" off

Hey, wait a second. Associating the Good Doctor with an alleged financial criminal such as Bernie Madoff — that ain't cool. And how can this be a Phillies song and a Mets song?

However, comparing Halladay ripping off a knuckle-curve or a cutter to firing a "K" — an AK-47 (Evan Longoria's(notes) former gun of choice) — that seems like a reasonable metaphor.

Rapper Game rocks rhymes about Roy Halladay on new albumAnd the Hitler thing ... whatever.

Also amusing was the brief exchange about Halladay between J-Roll and Game, who tweets under the pseudonym Charles Louboutin for some reason:

Game: dat boy cold JR
Jimmy: straight up beast

Get all that? Halladay is a straight-up beast indeed. He's also made a rite of passage — transcending baseball and culture — into the hip hop lexicon. This is a big moment for him.

Well, that does it. To borrow a theme from a popular Doc-centric Phillies blog, I want to go to the Source Awards with Roy Halladay.

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