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SURPRISE! Ariz. — Texas Rangers left-hander Derek Holland(notes) burst into prominence by pitching 5 2/3 shutout innings against the Yankees in the 2010 ALCS.

He also likes to burst into a room wearing a funny T-shirt.

Some, like teammate David Murphy(notes), call it the peculiar kind of funny, but it's all laughs for Holland. He has at least half a dozen hangers in his locker at spring training devoted to wacky pop culture clothing one finds on the Internet and the odd shopping mall specialty store.

And he wears them in public. Just so you know: Derek Holland made $414,420 this past season.

Thanks to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News — who recently tweeted this shot of Holland — the Stew has learned that Baby Carlos from "The Hangover" can now hang out with everyone via the T-shirt pictured in the photo inset above.

"I like to have entertainment on my chest," Holland said earnestly. "'Cause it is entertainment! I mean, think about it: Carlos on a shirt makes everybody laugh."

The other shirt shown above is from his favorite movie — you're not going to believe this — Jim Carrey's "Dumb and Dumber." Holland resembles Lloyd, doesn't he?

It's not that the 24-year-old Holland is immature — though he did have his tonsils removed the day before Thanksgiving.

"I like to entertain, try to be funny," Holland said. "The shirts are just my sense of humor, I guess. I got a bunch of them. I was working out the whole offseason with different shirts. It's just pretty funny to me, and a lot of the guys I was working out with, too."

It was at this point that Murphy, whose locker is next to Holland's, interjected. "We don't think it's funny," Murphy jokingly deadpanned. "If it was anybody else, it'd be funny."

Holland noted the exception: "Except for David Murphy. He wouldn't stoop that low."

Holland says he scours the Internet — sites like CafePress or Zazzle — in search of laughs. But Holland's usual starting point?

"I try to get on Yahoo! and just search 'funny T-shirts' or something like that," Holland said.

Yahoo! Not Google?

"I do both," Holland said. "For T-shirts, the reason I've done both is because I've done a different variety. Sometimes, something will come up on Yahoo! that doesn't come up on Google."

"If I'm laughing when I buy it, I'll get it," said Holland, who added that price was no object.

Other favorite shirts of his include one from "Family Guy" (his favorite TV show) and one that says, "Boobies Make Me Smile."

"I can't wear that one out — females would be offended by it or take it the wrong way," Holland said.

There's a wrong way to take it?

"Not for us," Holland said.

What's on his wish list? Something from his second-favorite movie, "Tommy Boy."

"Once I start finding some 'Tommy Boy' stuff, it's game over. It's all I need," Holland said.

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