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As if Josh Hamilton(notes) weren't already performing like the coolest guy in the playoffs (aside from Cliff Lee(notes)), he went and quoted "Anchorman" in a postgame interview Tuesday night.

Hamilton hit two more homers in Game 4 of the ALCS, giving him four in the series to go with seven RBIs against the New York Yankees. Well, that all looks great on the back of a baseball card.

But dipping into the pop culture bin and referencing one of the funniest movies of the millennium? That stuff makes you legendary.

Hamilton endeared himself to "Anchorman" fans everywhere by channeling funny Will Ferrell during a brief chat with ESPN's Buster Olney:

Buster: What was it like as Bengie Molina(notes) comes to the plate in the sixth inning?

Hambone: Uh [laughs]. From a line in "Anchorman" — "It was a glass case of emotion."

That. Was. Awesome. What a curly haired nerd Hambone is! (With respect.)

If this has gone over your head so far, check out below the original clip to which Hamilton refers.

Making the reference even funnier, Hamilton briefly put up his hands as if simulate being "trapped" in a phone booth like Ron Burgundy was.

And, as you might have noticed from the "Anchorman" clip, Burgundy was apoplectically upset inside the phone booth. He had just watched his dog get punted off a bridge by a mean biker whom Burgundy hit with a burrito.

So it's not a perfect analogy for a baseball game. But I think I get what Hamilton means.

Molina's go-ahead homer against A.J. Burnett(notes) put the Rangers ahead 5-3 and might have given Hamilton an epiphany that Texas is actually going to the World Series.

Hence, emotional overflow.

That's getting ahead by one step, of course. It ain't over 'til it's over — especially in Yogi's hood — and maybe Hamilton will be quoting "Land of the Lost" after CC Sabathia(notes) pitches Wednesday night's game for New York.

Regardless, Hollywood better get it right whenever it gets around to making the movie about Hamilton's life. Maybe they should get him to play himself.

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