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Won't bore you with the details of my fantasy draft on Monday night, but here's a quick observation: I can't remember a draft when there wasn't at least one super prospect teasing everyone to make an early round reach. The closest anyone came was one owner protecting Alex Gordon as one of his eight keepers and considering his respectable second half last year, even that doesn't seem so impulsive.

But going into this season, most of the young guys have already been sent back for the proverbial extra dosage of seasoning.

Take a look ...

Jay Bruce (pictured right), OF Reds: Dusty Baker doesn't think he's as good as Corey Patterson.

Joey Votto, 1B Reds: Still has a shot at making the Opening Day roster if the Reds don't go with Scott Hatteberg instead. That uncertainty didn't inspire much draft day confidence, though, making him a resident of the waiver wire.

Evan Longoria, 3B Rays: Probably wasn't ready, but that won't stop the suspicion that Tampa is trying to wind back his MLB service clock as much as possible. 

Clayton Kershaw, P Dodgers: Still kicking around Dodgers camp, but having just turned 20, he's getting rightfully treated with baby gloves. Still, is June 1 a date for a possible mid-season callup? Will Caroll thinks so.

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