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On Tuesday, Brewers manager Ned Yost admitted that he had no earthly clue what tofu was. On the list of all things I thought were true but couldn't be sure, I'd rank that in the top 10, probably just behind my also recently confirmed belief that Tim McCarver is a Civil War buff. 

Yet despite not being able to take the time to learn that tofu is just coagulated soy milk formed into a delicious-to-some-people blob, Yost still doesn't think Prince Fielder's vegetarian diet is the reason for his slow start.

From the Brewers Blog:

"Whatever he does is right for him," Yost said. "That's his business. It doesn't have anything to do with his performance.

"Everybody wants to make a big deal about a young man trying to eat healthy. It doesn't have anything to do with it. You can grease up all you want. It's not going to help you hit home runs.

Look, I don't agree with Yost on many things, but this happens to be a rare exception. The panic is unnecessary. Prince is going to get his hits. He's going to get his home runs. He's going to go on a hot streak that'll have Wisconsinites replacing cheese curds with tofu as their coagulant of choice. 

Diamond Hoggers pointed this out after the 15-game mark, but I'll reintroduce the fact that Fielder isn't that far off from his start in 2007. Through the first 20 games of last season, Fielder was hitting .263 with five homers, 14 RBI and 18 strikeouts. He ended with silly totals of 50/119/.288.

Through the first 20 games of '08, Fielder is hitting .250 with one homer, 12 RBI and 12 K's.

Meanwhile, the Brewers are still 12-8, just two games off the NL Central pace and that's with Ryan Braun also hitting .247 and Eric Gagne being every blogger's go-to punchline.

Everything's going to be fine with Prince and Co. There's more than one way to get protein, just as there's more than one way to reach your season ending totals.

I don't think there's any reason to doubt Fielder's ability to find both. 

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