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Talk about your non-partisan decisions. After months of speculating which team would be the first to host President Obama for a first pitch, MLB and the White House announced that his first toss as sitting president will be thrown down the middle of all 30 teams at next month's All-Star Game in St. Louis — if world activities allow him to, of course. 

As someone who's planning to be in Busch Stadium for the Midsummer Classic and has never shared a building with the president, it's incredibly exciting to learn we'll be hearing "Hail To The Chief" over the ballpark's PA. We'll have to wait in security a little longer, but everyone's eyes are going to be on Obama's throw to see whether or not he can live up to the standard set by George W. Bush, the greatest Presidential pitcher in history.

For a man who's been called an All-Star on both sides of the aisle — with much different definitions, of course — maybe this decision is appropriate. Still, I can't help but feel that Obama should have saved his "first" for either the South Side of Chicago — he's been repping the Sox non-stop since moving to DC, so why not pay the old neighborhood a summer visit? — or the first game of the World Series. (Here's guessing that he's been talking to Jake Peavy lately and knows how low those World Series ratings can be.)

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