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If you're looking for a profitable way to spend your time this weekend, you may want to head down to your local swamp and check it out for valuable and missing sports paraphernalia.

Police in an area near Seattle did just that this week and came away with Kyle Kendrick's(notes) missing World Series ring, which they found inside a Mentos container in a nearby swamp. Among other mementoes from his career, the Philadelphia Phillies pitcher had the valuable ring stolen from him at the beginning of April during a burglary at his Mount Vernon, Wash., home.


The Snohomish County sheriff's office, located on the east side of Puget Sound, said that deputies found the ring and returned it to police in Kendrick's hometown, Mount Vernon, Wash.

Rebecca Hover, a sheriff's spokeswoman, said in an e-mail Wednesday night: "Our deputies developed information that the ring might be in Snohomish County. On Tuesday night, they contacted a man known to law enforcement. He led them to a swampy area in Bothell [in Snohomish County] where the ring was hidden."

Snohomish police aren't saying who stowed the ring in the swamp for safekeeping just yet, but there are reports that they also recovered a broken-down X-Wing, a young and discouraged student learning to become a Jedi, and a little green man speaking in jumbled sentence structure for some unknown reason.

(C'mon, like I was going to let this post pass without making a Dagobah reference ... )

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