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Led by Taryn Cooper of My Summer Family, some fans of the New York Mets are planning on voicing their displeasure with the team by sitting out tonight's game against Florida. And lest the Wilpons doubt the sincerity of their intent, they have a Facebook event set up and Lisa Swan of The Faster Times writing about them and everything.

Now, I know what you're saying. It seems like every year that disgruntled fans of a junky team suggest that empty stands would really send a message. And so they try to organize a boycott, only to see the park filled by slugs who either don't have the Internet, need to get the kids out of the house or aren't particularly interested in eating their previously-purchased tickets that probably won't send a message, anyway.

But even if this attempt is destined to fail like all the others, I think that's besides the point. Fan boycotts of any scale are designed to bring a feeling of control to those who don't have any in the first place. And every movement starts with the conviction of a few. It may take an actual tidal wave to sweep Omar Minaya from the team's front offices, but there's still value in a small ideological stream of discontent. 

Knowing that, won't you please consider joining the Big League Stew family in supporting the "Citi Field Sit Out?" We were thinking about jumping a late plane for some Mets-Marlins action — Dave Brown is a huge Pat Misch(notes) fan — but not any longer. It is a big sacrifice, but we will stand united with our Mets brethren. Will you stand up and be counted, too?   

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