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After some anxious moments, the Los Angeles Angels were OK after their charter flight from Kansas City was diverted for an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday night.

And the Angels thought K.C. Royals slugger Billy Butler(notes) hitting a game-ending home run in the bottom of the ninth was a bad way to end a road trip.

However, the flight landed smoothly at LAX with no injuries. Angels manager Mike Scioscia called it, "Much ado about nothing." Well, after the fact, sure!

(But did you know MLB has a plan in place for a worst-case scenario? Thanks, SB Nation.)

Reportedly, the flight crew was concerned over hydraulic problems that might have made it difficult to land the Delta 737-800 safely at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, the team's usual hometown entry point. (The plane pictured above is not a 737.)

Angels broadcaster Victor Rojas tweeted about the experience:

Nothing like an emergency landing at LAX to scare the crap out of us...good to be home.

Rojas also joked that he was able — happily — to cut short a viewing of the Nicolas Cage movie "Drive Angry," and that his favorite line from "Airplane!" was when Johnny said:

"I can make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl..."

So, it was scary, but not too scary. Most of the comments from the passengers, who numbered about 60, gave mad props to the crew (get it?) for landing the plane safely.

It's a good thing, because Bobby Abreu(notes) could swear he saw a Rally Monkey on the wing of the plane!

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