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I'm not sure if the Pirates were worried about Ben Roethlisberger threatening their monopoly on embarrassing Pittsburgh or what, but they just laid the mother of all stinkers against the Brewers.

The Buccos lost Thursday's game to Milwaukee by a score of 20-0, which qualified for the team's worst loss in the 124-year history of the franchise and left their PNC Park clubhouse in a funk. 

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"Today was an embarrassment," reliever Brendan Donnelly(notes) said, snapping off every word. "We should all be embarrassed to have Major League Baseball uniforms on our back today. It was an atrocity. We set a record. We should all be embarrassed about it. That's how I feel."

If the record margin and this "highlight" reel on Yahoo! Sports minute weren't enough to make them think about jumping in any of the area's rivers, this list of dubious factoids about the series probably pushed them right in: 

•  The aggregate score of the three-game series was Brewers 36, Pirates 1.

•  Thursday's 20-0 score was the fourth largest margin in a shutout since 1900. Two more Milwaukee runs and the game would've joined Cleveland's 22-0 blanking of the Yankees in 2004 and the Pirates' 22-0 win over the Cubs in 1975. (One more run would've tied the Yankees' 21-0 win over the A's in 1939.) 

•  As Walkoff Walk's Dan McQuade points out, the Pirates had the worst run-differential in baseball (-37) coming in to Thursday's game. The 20-0 defeat only widened their, uh, "lead" to -57. (Baltimore is second worst in the bigs at -35.) 

•  The Brewers' starters went 3-0 with a 0.00 ERA, while the Pirates' starters went 0-3 with a 15.82 ERA.

• The Pirates were outhit 25 to 8 on Thursday and 46 to 18 for the whole series.

• The Brewers hit eight home runs during the series while the Pirates only had five extra-base hits. All were doubles.

• Ten Brewers recorded an RBI on Thursday. Pitcher Manny Parra(notes) ended the scoring with a RBI single in the ninth inning.

With all of that considered, new fan Regis Philbin might want to reconsider his choice of bandwagon. The Pirates are somehow still only 7-8 to start this season, but eighteen straight losing seasons seems like a lock for the 'Burgh.

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