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We are through the looking glass on these postgame celebrations, people. We have our first injury caused by someone giving a shaving-cream pie to the face.

Florida Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan(notes) tore the meniscus in his left knee, and is headed for the disabled list after he face-pied teammate Wes Helms(notes) during a TV interview Sunday.

Those of you who bet on Yankees right-hander A.J. Burnett(notes) being the winning horse in the "Shaving-Cream Pie Injury Pool?" Sorry, it's a surprise to a lot of us, too.

[Photos: See Chris Coghlan in action]

Helms knocked in the winning run with a game-ending single against the Atlanta Braves on Sunday, capping a barely believable week that featured four victories in the Marlins' last at-bat.

Fun, right? Yeah, it's all fun and games until somebody — namely the 2009 NL Rookie of the Year — gets hurt in unbelievable fashion.

Via the Twitter of's Joe Frisaro:

"When Wes hit the walk-off, I went to pie him in the face," Coghlan said. "When I jumped, I landed wrong on my knee."

Facepalm >>> face pie.

Watch the incident

If Coghlan needs surgery, he'll miss 6-8 weeks.

Perhaps this was inevitable, given that we're already living in the Year of the Pitcher Strange Injury.

Kendry Morales(notes) already broke his leg — broke it, for crying out loud — jumping on home plate as the Los Angeles Angels celebrated his game-ending home run earlier this season. This season has featured a series of oddball injuries, come to think of it.

This one's just the first including postgame pie. And the last one for the Marlins. Manager Edwin Rodriguez has outlawed the half-baked practice.

"It's very humbling when the game is taken away and you don't realize it because you play every day," Coghlan said. "If you ever get injured you want to do it while you're out there competing, not when you're celebrating. Emotions get the best of you, you're excited. There's nothing wrong with that but be a little smarter when you're celebrating a win."

Knowin' is half the battle.

The player of the game often finds himself vulnerable to attack during the postgame interview, but Helms — a wily veteran — seemed ready for Coghlan this time. That's reason alone why the rest of the major leagues should follow the Marlins directive and ban the practice. It's not anything new and it's not anything resembling a surprise.

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