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Photo: Yes, this man shaved a Joe Mauer jersey into his back hair

Say it ain't so, Joe! While our own Dave Brown thought he found the ugliest Joe Mauer(notes) T-shirt during last year's playoffs, those who had the misfortune of watching this last weekend's Twins-Brewers series can attest that was far from the case. Yes, that's a man with the name and number of the Minnesota Twins catcher shorn into a back rug lush and thick enough to be shampooed with a bottle of Mauer-endorsed Head and Shoulders.

If we're being honest, we'll say that we admire the steady hand of whoever fashioned that evenly spaced nameplate for Mr. Sasquatch. But in no way can we condone this over-the-top display of love for Mauer. Can you imagine ordering Miller Park's famous cheese fries in a helmet and then learning your seat is right behind this guy? That type of nightmare fuel would spoil Racing Sausage kebab sales for the entire mezzanine.

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