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Yeah, Pedro Martinez(notes) throwing out the first pitch before Sunday's Red Sox-Yankees game ranked as a big surprise, but how about Dr. Dre taking some hacks in the BP before it? You could have asked me to name about 2,500 celebrities I'd expect to see appearing before opening day at Fenway and I would've repeated Ben Affleck's name 73 times before finally giving up and never guessing the name of the West Coast's greatest rapper.

Walkoff Walk has a nifty screengrab of Dre appearing with his good friend Karl Ravech as well as some basketball player on the Baseball Tonight set. The D.R.E. was apparently trying to sell his brand of headphones in New England; hopefully he hooked Jon Miller up with a pair of his own. 

UPDATE: Here's a video of Dre visiting with Heidi Watney.

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Big League Stew

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