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Boy, it sure says a lot about Harmon Killebrew's famous power that we can take a look at this picture and just as easily guess that Jim Thome(notes) was paying tribute to Bob Uecker up there in the upper deck of Target Field.

Yet that's the current Minnesota Twins slugger paying tribute not to the Uecker seats but Killebrew's famous 520-foot shot at The Met by climbing to the same spot at the new ballpark. Thome's sherpa-necessary trip came during the team's memorial service for the Twins' beloved Hall of Fame legend on Thursday night.

Killebrew, of course, passed away last week at age 74 after a battle with cancer.

Like the Mall of America's unusual nod to the Killer, Thome's tribute — which he punctuated by carrying one of Killebrew's game-worn jerseys from 1962 — was special and unique. But it was far from the only one at a ceremony excellently summarized by Seth Speaks. Mudcat Grant sang a song for his friend, Michael Cuddyer(notes) read his great article on Killebrew that he wrote for FS North, and Hank Aaron paid tribute by saying "he was No. 1 (on the career homer list). He hit 1,000 home runs because he did so many great things off the field."

Harmon's widow, Nita Killebrew wrapped it all up with a poignant quote:

"Harmon's body is buried in his hometown of Payette, Idaho, his soul is up in the ballpark of heaven, but his heart will always be here in Minnesota."

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