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The Yankees arrived in Cleveland for their weekend series on Thursday and took advantage of their off day by heading out to Quicken Loans Arena to watch future New York neighbor LeBron James put on a playoff show. A-Rod even bumped into Jay-Z (when did he get hair?) during the Yankees' field trip and I'd be willing to pay exactly $3.99 to hear the conversation that happened between them. I mean, that's a billion dollars of B.S. going on right there.  

This isn't an official C-a-C, but tell me in the comments what these two could possibly be talking about. Also, a few of the other Yankees bearing WITNESS to LeBron and the Clevetown LeBrons on Thursday night can be found below:

(OK, so I just threw Joe Torre in there to see if you were still paying attention. He was actually at Game 4 of the Western finals earlier this week in Denver.)

A big BLS head nod to Walkoff Walk for the eagle eyes. 

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