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I have no idea what Paul Lo Duca is doing in this photo to the right, but I'm going to assume it's an attempt to somehow put his head up his, uh ... jar of pine tar. 

If so, the picture would be a deadly accurate representation of what Lo Duca just did today. If you haven't yet heard, the Nats catcher went on WFAN radio in New York and then roundly smashed his current Washington teammates for their celebrations during Monday night's game against the Mets. On the scale of baseball no-no's, I'd rank that just below having sexual relations with the star player's wife. (Guess it's a good thing the Nationals don't have any of those.)

His take, via the NY Daily News:

“I don’t know. I’m not a big fan of it to be honest with you. I’ll be honest with you. You know, we’re struggling. Guys are just trying to have a little fun. I think they saw Figueroa getting a little upset, so they amped it up a couple of notches. I do think it’s a little bush league. At first it started off as a little fun, until he got mad. I don’t agree with it.”

OK, Paul, we get it. There's an unspoken rule in baseball that you don't show up the opposing team because it's only a matter of time before you face that team again and there's a chance they could throw at your head or, perhaps more maturely, smother you by nine or 10 runs.

But Paul, if you're such a connoisseur of ballpark etiquette, you'll know that if there's one thing that trumps that rule, it's the rule that you always support your teammates, no matter how many times he kills a rally with a strikeout, hogs all the good magazines on the flight to San Diego or gets busted for another DUI. And that's because you see that teammate even more than those opponents. If you're going to line up a guy wearing the same colored uniform, you better make sure one of you is headed permanently out the door. It's just the way things work.

So, Paul, all of that is to say: Good luck with your teammates tonight! A few nights after one of your former teammates compared them to a girls' softball team, I'm sure they're just going to be love being labeled "bush league" by someone they thought was one of their own. 

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