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The All-Star media cattle call at the Grand Hyatt is over and I've finally found a free moment to post ... while sitting in the loge section in right field at Yankee Stadium and watching the American League go through their workout. Plenty of good video to share with clips ranging from Brian Wilson talking about the cheap jewelry he makes to my campaign to crusade against the evil hip-bump.

However, I have almost no video of Alex Rodriguez answering questions about Madonna, what with my intense fear of dying from suffocation and/or a television camera wielded as a bludgeon.

But to start things off,  here's something, you know, actually related to the game and not New York Post headlines or my petty dislikes of MLB fads:

During the AL media session, Jonathan Papelbon was peppered with questions about who should close Tuesday's game if the American League is facing a save situation — he or Mariano Rivera.

Throughout the 50 minutes, Papelbon insisted that it wasn't a 'cut-and-dry' situation before pulling aside a Boston Globe reporter afterward and saying that he wanted Rivera to have the honor.

(As he should, because 1. That's the only option that makes sense and 2. I'm not really prepared to die in a burning Yankee Stadium should Boston manager Terry Francona turn stupid and summon Paps to have him trot out to Metallica on Tuesday night.)

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