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Apparently not content with the pace of Andy Pettitte's(notes) decision-making process, the New York Post just tried to push the issue by sending one of its reporters to his home.

But when the intrepid Brian Costello reached Pettitte's doorstep in Deer Park, Texas, he found the former/current/future New York Yankees pitcher wearing pajama pants and in no particular mood to divulge his plans for the 2011 season. Pettitte told Costello:

"I'm just chilling out, hanging. I'm relaxing. If I had something, y'all would know. If I knew exactly what I was doing, y'all would know. [...]

"I don't want to be a story," he said. "I really don't want [the Yankees] to worry about me. I just want them to go, just go on."

Hey, that quote kinda reminds me of someone we all know. (*cough* Brett Favre *cough*)

That's not entirely fair, of course. Pettitte has never held a huge retirement press conference, doesn't have a tenth of Favre's ego and — despite what some will have you believe — the future direction of the Yankees' franchise isn't entirely dependent on whether or not he comes back.

Still, it'd be nice for Pettitte to make a decision soon here. And despite his claims that the Yanks should move on with their lives, I have a feeling that he'll be back in uniform next month.

What do you think? Will Pettitte be pitching for the Yankees in 2011?   

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