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So Ozzie Guillen gets ejected in the first inning of a game at Yankee Stadium and then retreats to the clubhouse to tweet about the incident before everyone reaches their seats?

File this one under "social media side benefits we never saw coming, but sure are glad came to pass."

Apparently unable to wait another eight innings before ranting to Chicago White Sox beat writers, @ozzieguillen unleashed two messages to his 125,000-plus followers after home plate umpire Todd Tichenor ejected him for arguing ball and strikes during an at-bat by Paul Konerko(notes) on Wednesday night.

After being given the heave-ho, Guillen picked up his smartphone and tweeted this message:

"This one going to cost me a lot money this is patetic" (sp)

... followed by:

"Today a tough guy show up a yankee stadium"

Presumably he was talking about Tichenor in that last missive. And while it might come off as antagonistic, it doesn't come close to matching the thoughts on Joe West that Guillen conveyed to us — the old-fashioned way — last season. It's actually quite tame when you judge on the Guillen scale.

No, this one is merely notable because of the novelty of seeing a big league manager deliver an in-game message straight to our computers, tablets and phones.

It's also noteworthy because White Sox GM Kenny Williams wanted to put an end to the Guillen-created Twitter drama in 2011.

Maybe that's why Guillen dismissed questions about the tweets after the game — a 3-1 loss to Bartolo Colon(notes) and the New York Yankees.

From the Chicago Tribune:

When asked later about the tweets and possible discipline, Guillen replied, "I don't worry about that. Let's talk about (bleeping) baseball. (Bleep) tweeting."

For what it's worth, Guillen hasn't tweeted since. Not that we should look too deeply into that absence. As he proved again on Wednesday night, there's nothing quite as alluring to Guillen than having a captive audience of thousands just one cell phone away.

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