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Ozzie Guillen takes issue with arch-enemy Sean Penn

Sean Penn probably isn't going to be a guest of Ozzie Guillen at a Chicago White Sox game anytime soon.

Well, maybe he will if the two agree to meet up in Guillen's native Venezuela.

What beef does Guillen have with Penn? The actor continues to defend Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Back in March, Penn appeared on "Real Time with Bill Maher" to criticize the media for going along with the U.S. government's labeling of Chavez as a dictator. Guillen fired off a response on Twitter, saying it was easy for a well-paid celebrity who doesn't live in Venezuela to stick up for Chavez.

If Penn got Guillen's message, it apparently didn't leave an impression. This week, he wrote an editorial for the Huffington Post calling for lifting economic sanctions on Venezuela. Penn also once again criticized the U.S. government for portraying Chavez as a dictator, rather than a democratically elected leader.

Upon learning of Penn's post, Guillen once again ripped his ideological nemesis on Twitter. "Sean penn," he posted, "if you love venezuela please move to venezuela for a year." Guillen put a vitriolic cherry on top by challenging Penn to rent property in one of the country's impoverished cities and see how long he'd last. Oh, and to emphasize the point, as only Ozzie can, he called Penn a clown.

Fellas, fellas. Maybe you two should get together and talk this through. Or settle your differences the way our culture loves to these days: Do a reality show together. Put Penn and Guillen under one roof in Guarenas for a month or two and let the cameras roll.

Watch this odd couple play catch using milk cartons as gloves! Oh, that Ozzie is so messy; Sean looks mad, you guys! And special guest Scarlett Johansson (if those crazy kids are still together by then) could stop by when that sweeps month ratings boost is needed. Maybe MLB Network could pick it up as a sequel to "The Club." Wouldn't you watch?

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