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In the past, Oney Guillen has mostly aimed his notorious Twitter vitriol at the Chicago White Sox and those who work and play for the organization. 

But on Tuesday night, Ozzie Guillen's unfiltered son unloaded both barrels — and then some — on an ex-Pale Hose player after Bobby Jenks(notes) was critical of the way the Sox washed their hands of him after six seasons.

How bad was it? I'll put it this way. Calling Jenks a "yellow beard-dipping idiot" was probably the nicest thing that Oney had to say about his father's old closer.

Here are some of the more venomous Tweets (all sic) dropped by @oneyguillen after Jenks — now with the Boston Red Soxtold's Scott Merkin that he "was looking forward to playing for a manager who knows how to run a bullpen":

"u cried in the managers office bc u have problems now u go and talk bad about the sox after they protected u for 7 years ungrateful"

"they did not air out ur dirty laundry, u came to srping not drinking and then u sucked and started srinking again be a man"

"hahah memo to bobby jenks get a clue u drink to much and u have had marital problems hugeee ones and the sox stood behind u"

"and to think u were actually a cool guy and ur word meant something, to bad u dont hit in the AL so they can drill that ***"

"and u say the manager didnt trust u? he kept putting ur fat *** there and u kept blowing it, he never took u away from that role unreal"

There are more allegations in Oney's feed — including one about Jenks punching a "clubby" in the face after drinking in Arizona — and they're a million times more mean-spirited and uncalled for than what Jenks had to say to Indeed, the general sense I got from Jenks' other comments was that he had conflicted feelings between being shown the door after being a big part of the White Sox since 2005 and realizing that his non-tender situation was merely a good baseball decision.

In no way, though, were Jenks' remarks bad enough to warrant Oney going nuclear on someone who had a lot of personal problems if what he Tweets is true. 

Oney's rant is sad, but not surprising, because this has generally been his m.o. since he signed up for Twitter. He criticizes others for not knowing their place or for not saying their feelings to someone in person. This, of course, is fantastically hypocritical, because he's making these public comments behind the safety of 140-character outbursts and they're being sent to followers he only has because his father is a famous baseball figure.

One wonders how Ozzie hasn't taken a baseball bat to Oney's smartphone yet.

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