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The Baltimore Orioles currently hold the worst record in baseball and the 23rd spot in overall attendance, so it's going to take some real ad wizards to get people out to Camden Yards for the rest of the season. Tuesday night's ploy? Free Jason Berken(notes) shirseys for T-shirt Tuesday!

Now, many of you might be asking exactly who Jason Berken is. Well, he's a middle reliever who had a pretty solid first half. He has a 2.22 ERA and has been one of Baltimore's few bright spots, despite a blown save against Toronto on Saturday.

But still, he's a middle reliever and the fact he's getting a promotional night of his own is strange because middle relievers get promo nights about as often as they get recognized in public. The whole thing is just a weird footnote in Baltimore's season to forget.      

Mister Irrelevant says it's "a new low, even for these 2010 Orioles," but I respectfully disagree. Berken is at least on the big league roster, which is more than you can say for Nolan Reimold(notes) whose bobblehead was passed out by the O's about two weeks after he had been demoted to the minors earlier this season. 

And, of course, I'm sure that more random players have been honored with promo nights, which is the real reason I felt compelled to post this.

What strange giveaways — bobbleheads, T-shirts or otherwise — have you received at a ballpark? Which random player — be it a utility man or middle reliever — was featured? 

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