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Here's how you know it's been awhile since the Dodgers last won a World Series: Their Cy Young winner, NLCS and World Series MVP from 1988 has become an accomplished poker player*.

One of my editors here at Yahoo! snapped this picture of Orel Hershiser off his TV last night and sent along this comment: "Somehow I can't picture Orel staring down Teddy KGB in Rounders." 

To that, I had only one response: "If your nickname is the Bulldog and you gave up one two earned runs over 18 innings of work in one World Series, you have a chance at any poker table in this whole wide world ... especially if you notice your opponent's Oreo-eating patterns."

I was going to include a couple of links to current Hershisher and the Dodgers stories, but the ESPN analyst seems to be avoiding the spotlight so far.

So instead, I'll just point out that he's starting to look an awfully like a redhaired version of that Joel Osteen guy (sans the mullet).

*Credit where credit is due: I stole that headline about pocket 5s — Bulldog's number — from the linked story about Hershiser's poker prowess. Make sure to check it out. It's a good read.

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