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If you give Tim Lincecum(notes) the ball in a big game, he will gladly pitch in it.

And if you give him a live microphone during a clinching celebration?

Well, he will gladly swear into it.

For at least the third time in just over a week, the San Francisco Giants star pitcher should have come with an earmuff warning as he let a few f-bombs fly after clinching the NLDS over the Braves. 

Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News has the details in all of their profane glory:

After the clincher Monday, I was standing right next to Timmy as he was doing a live interview with Dave Flemming on KNBR. And I could see a gleam in his eye as he was asked to survey the scene.


"I don't now what the (fudge) to say I'm so (fudging) pumped up right now."

Tiny Tim. The Freak. The Human Slingshot ... The Seven-Second Button? Considering Lincecum's previous incidents (here and here), that'd be a pretty apt addition to his growing collection of nicknames. Right now, he's like the little kid in the grocery store who figures out how to use the paging system when his mother's back is turned. Heh.  

This latest clip doesn't seem to be on the Internet just yet, but if you see it (and hear it), you better @#%$@! send it our way via Twitter or email

UPDATE: A loyal Stewie sent an edited version along. Click here to listen to all of its bleeped glory and Jon Miller's classic response. 

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