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We all know that Washington Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan(notes) is an engaging sort, as evidenced by his all-time Answer Man appearance with Dave Brown.

But did he go too far with a group of Philadelphia Phillies fans at Citizens Bank Ballpark last weekend?

Major League Baseball believes he did as it has fined and suspended him seven games for reportedly throwing a ball at a fan in the stands last Sunday.

Morgan has appealed the suspension and played against the Cubs on Wednesday.

From the Nationals Journal:

Morgan threw the ball into the stands at the end of the eighth after he had exchanged in "an ongoing dialogue" with one fan, according to a league official. The back-and-forth with Morgan and the fan escalated until Morgan threw a ball into the crowd, which hit a different fan in the head. The league believes Morgan's intent was not to simply toss the ball to a fan, as is custom.


Morgan had little to say about the suspension following the game aside from allowing he was surprised by the news.. "As far as I know, I've got to just wait for my appeal process. I can't really say too much. ... This is brand new news to me. We've just got to take it from here."

Thirty-one seconds into a group interview, a Nationals spokesperson cut off questions to Morgan.

This whole incident seems to have caught everyone off guard as no video of the incident has surfaced and it didn't make any big headlines over the weekend. What exactly happened is still murky, though it's not hard to imagine Morgan going back and forth with opposing fans. This post over at Seat Geek details what happened with Morgan and New York Mets fans earlier this season at Citi Field, and while the fans seemed to enjoy that particular repartee, the writer says that Morgan pulled off a Michael Jackson-style crotch grab at one point. Maybe Philly fans didn't enjoy his antics as much and an argument ensued.

We'll see if more facts come out. Until then, I'll just note it's been a tough year to be a Phillies fan. From being tased to thrown up on to possibly serving as target practice? Yeah, it might be time to start attending the games dressed as Carlos Ruiz(notes).

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