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Well, well, well. Just in time for Game 4 of the ALCS, New York Yankees fans apparently found the Texas Rangers' most vulnerable spot.

It's the Rangers bullpen — especially when someone throws beer bottles and other garbage at it.

Crossing Broad captured video from the TBS broadcast of a worker picking up trash thrown from the bleachers (no longer alcohol-free, as in the old stadium) as Neftali Feliz(notes) warmed up during the ninth inning Monday night.

Hey, many found it strange that manager Ron Washington decided to use his closer, Feliz, in a blowout. But that's no reason to throw stuff at Alexi Ogando(notes) and The Darrens.

In all seriousness, throwing stuff at players is about the worst fan behavior imaginable. Worse than "A-hole" chants or other excessive swearing, worse than signs urging Tim Lincecum(notes) to fix his teeth, worse than running on the field, begging to be Tased.

Not worse than jumping the first-base coach with a switchblade, and not worse than throwing a battery at a player, but worse than everything else.

They haven't done it en masse for a couple of years, but bleacher fans at Wrigley Field have been known to litter the field with garbage (or throw beer at Shane Victorino(notes)). Such actions reflect poorly on the entire fan base, even the whole city.

Put trash in its proper place, New York.

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