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Zack Greinke(notes) seems to have it all these days: A league-best 6-0 record, a 0.40 ERA, a 0.84 WHIP, two complete game shutouts and, oh yeah, a piping-hot fiancee who's getting another round of attention with the emergence of her man's newfound domination.

But the one thing he doesn't have, as some have noted, is a baseball nickname worthy of his talents.

Mr. Johnny Rathbun, a loyal Stewie from the mean streets of Lawrence, Kansas, is among those looking to slap a moniker on the Royals ace.

Here's what he wrote to me:

"My buddies and I have already been to a few games at the New K (it's friggin awesome) and we are just as pumped as everyone else around here about how nasty Greinke has been. On the local broadcast of the game they've thrown out a few options for nicknames for Zack like 'Zack Attack' and 'Greink-a-nator' and a few other lame, unoriginal monikers.

"My buddies and I prefer 'Stinky Greinke' (or 'Steinke Greinke' if you prefer the creative spelling) because of how absolutely filthy the guy is. You can smell the STANK of his pitches as batters whiff on that Bugs Bunny curve. WE however don't have an international audience, and YOU do. So if you have a slow day sometime let's try to get the 'Stinky Greinke' train a-rollin." 

While I can't endorse Johnny's suggestion in good conscience — the "Stinky" nickname is reserved for bums, clowns and cats — I can send out an APB for nickname nominations. 

Rany of Rany on The Royals fame has repeatedly suggested 'The Baseball Jonah,' a biblical nod to Greinke's meandering path to superstardom. I'm kind of partial to "King K," since it references both his strikeout prowess and the team he plays for. Meanwhile, Jeff Passan contends that Greinke is too good to need a nickname, noting that "Pedro never had one."

So in the tradition of Slam Mag's "What's My Name" feature, let's hear some possible alternate names for Greinke. Winners get a dip in the Kauffman Stadium fountains. 

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