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Attention Stewies: A competitor of ours has recently taken to calling our own Curtis Granderson by the nickname of "Cougar."

Apparently it's a nod to both his ability to stalk the outfield and a J-Lo-type mishmash of names ("CuGr"), but it obviously isn't working. The word 'cougar' has been forever occupied by desperate women in their 40s and to attach it to one of the best center fielders in the game simply isn't cool. Both The Detroit Tiger Weblog and Always A Tiger agree.

This morning, I shot an email over to John Fuller, who works with Curtis and asked what the Granderson camp thought of the 'Cougar' moniker — and nicknames in general.

Said John: "(As far as nicknames), some people have gone to calling him by a name only his family uses and he really does not like it when people he doesn't know do that. His teammates started Grandy, but anyone else calls him Curtis."

Since we all had a fun time throwing out nickname suggestions for Zack Greinke — I think "The Grinch" was the clear winner — I told John we'd see if we could find anything catchy that might suit a native Chicagoan who now plays in Motown and his many talents. 

So go ahead, Stewies: What nickname would work for our guy Curtis Granderson(notes)

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