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• Nick Cafardo reports that a source has indicated both the Cubs and Rays have at least taken a look at Pedro Martinez(notes) and wondered how much cash they'd have to cough up to haul him off the golf course.

Martinez, who'd only be good for five or six innings max, is reportedly throwing his fastball around 94 MPH.

Should the Cubs and Rays — or any other team for that matter — be interested in acquiring the 37-year-old? [Boston Globe]

• Pedro a Ray? A Tampa Bay beat writer says it's unlikely. [The Heater]

Day Baseball! Twins at Cubs, 1:20 CT The sun's finally out in Chicago and both Joe Mauer(notes) and Randy Wells(notes) have arrived in town for this weekend's series. This is surely not a coincidence. Wells starts today's game against Kevin Slowey(notes) and has posted a Dan Haren(notes)-type line after just three starts: 0-2, 1.86 ERA.  

• It looks like time for Tom Ricketts to buy the Cubs is running out, which means the next owner is likely to be a group of SAE brothers from Iowa — using the proceeds from their bleacher cup game, of course. Hey, it's cold hard cash. [Biz of Baseball

• Emboldened by Thursday night's bird-aided victory, fans of the Indians have started to set their sights high ... third place in the AL Central! [DiaTribe]

• Rick Reilly take a break from taking a bath in money to tell the story of that out-of-his-mind dope who sued the A's over a Breast Cancer Day at the ballpark. [ESPN]

• Poor Pete Abe is back to fielding "Fire Joe Girardi" emails. [LoHud Yankees]

• And the talent drain in Michigan continues: Clete's Cougars have been demoted with the object of their affection to Toledo. [Detroit Tiger Weblog]

• Rob Neyer wants to do away with the draft. [ESPN via BBTF]

• The Astros and Cubs haven't had a first-round draft pick reach the majors since 2001. That'd be Chris Burke(notes) and Mark Prior(notes), for those of you scoring at home. [FanGraphs

• One of the liquor licenses at Minute Maid Park is in jeopardy after an alleged drunk driving incident, but the ballpark likely won't go entirely dry. [Houston Chronicle]

• "At this point booing B.J. Upton(notes) is so 2'08. Over the last 30 days, Evan Longoria(notes) is striking out nearly an identical amount as Upton and has a lower ISO ... Meanwhile Pena has a higher ISO, but he's also striking out 10 percent more of the time. I don't recall either getting booed during this time frame, and why? Because people know better than to boo those two just like they should know better than to boo Upton." [DRaysBay

• A Dodgers fan goes to an A's game and realizes how lucky he has it. [Sons of Steve Garvey]

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