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• Yes, the level of Red Sox-Yankees often reaches simply tune-it-out levels of hype on the Worldwide Leader and other outlets (including, maybe, this one).

But if you couldn't appreciate the moment of Jacoby Ellsbury stealing home against Andy Pettitte on Sunday night (video) during a nationally-televised Red Sox victory that finished a sweep over the Yankees and stretched Boston's win streak to 10? Well, I'm not sure that you're that big of a fan of baseball. The only way I would've enjoyed that any more was if Ellsbury's swipe would've earned us all a free taco. For more, check out Red's Screen Schottzie-type look at the moment that may have pushed Joe Girardi one step closer to the unemployment line. [Surviving Grady]

• Ellsbury may have struggled during last year's playoffs, but that doesn't mean the number of dads going on TV to ask him to marry their daughters has decreased any. [Bugs & Cranks]

• Some people naturally complained about ESPN's coverage of the steal, but I think the Sunday Night Baseball crew dida good job — especially considering the myriad of replays they showed afterward. Felt like I was at Fenway. [Sox & Dawgs]

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• So what happens when you purchase a seat for your first game at Citi Field, only to find out that only the cupholder — but your actual seat — exists? [Metsradamus]

• Speaking of good theater in natural-born rivalries over the weekend, the brutish power of Albert Pujols' grand slam off David Patton on Saturday afternoon was as mind boggling as Patton's decision to throw the best hitter in  baseball a first-pitch fastball down the center of the plate. Yes, I saw the ball land, but I'm still not convinced it didn't disintegrate upon meet Pujols' bat, which is now capable of splitting the atom. ( VIDEO)

• This anatomy of Brian Wilson's blown save on Sunday doesn't take his constant Twittering about Reebok Pumps and white mocha frappucinos into account, but is impressive all the same. [Bay City Ball]

• The Tigers may be in first place in the AL Central, but that doesn't mean their fans can't see some problems. Like, what's up with Justin Verlander pitching from the stretch? [DTW]

• Here's a great look at Evan Longoria's sweet swing mechanics, complete with animated GIFs! [Baseball Intellect via DRaysBay]

• Resurrecting an annual debate: Is it time for TB to trade Carl Crawford? [FanGraphs]

Nate McLouth has entered the weird and wacky world of oblique injuries. [Pirates Report]

• Finally, I'm not the biggest fan of pointing out others' mistakes — Lord knows I make enough of them myself — but Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune confusing the Giants' Pablo Sandoval with the most infamous drug dealer of all time is too funny not to share. There's a joke about the white foul lines in there somewhere. [Desipio]    

One of Andy Dolan's thousands of fans noticed this mistake on Sunday night, and it has remained up on the Tribune's website through this morning. Can't imagine this has anything to do with the Tribune firing four sports copy editors last week, can it?  

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