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Ted Kennedy, who passed away late Tuesday night, wasn't the world's biggest baseball fan. His lasting contribution to the game was undoubtedly his Congressional introduction of "Mike McGwire" and "Sammy Sooser" — really, it never gets old — and he wasn't as frequent a Fenway fixture as, say, other New Englanders like Stephen King or Ben Affleck.

But because you know I love the intersection of America's two favorite pastimes and because one of Mr. Kennedy's last public appearances came at this year's Red Sox home opener (upper left), here's a mini-tribute to the long-standing Senator from Massachusetts. 

Going clockwise from upper left: Ted Kennedy with HOF chaffeur Jim Rice; watching Ted Kennedy Jr. take his hacks at the plate; attending the 1967 World Series with his father Joe and brother Bobby; joining vice president Hubert Humphrey to congratulate Carl Yastrzemski after a home run in the '67 pennant race.

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