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Nationals bullpen raises hopes of lottery players everywhere

There could be any number of suggestions for the astronomical figures that were posted on the lottery billboards at Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday night. The career earnings potential of Bryce Harper(notes). The amount that team owner Ted Lerner considers pocket change. The estimated dollars those day-tripping Philadelphia Phillies fans have pumped into the D.C. economy these past few years.

Yes, those are all good theories. But as Nationals Enquirer points out, the likely explanation is that the Washington Nationals bullpen got a bit bored and decided to jack the jackpots up on their own. So the Powerball prize got a nice increase from its actual $25 million booty and Mega Millions soared from $70 million to $705 million.

No word on if the mischievous relievers will appeal to teammate Jayson Werth(notes) for a loan if they're held culpable for their false advertising and have to pony up the difference in prize money.

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