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Mount up, cowboys: Morgan, Brewers take off in Western wear

Taking a page from a colleague, Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke suggested that his players, while they were in Houston, head to a Western wear shop and pick out an outfit they liked.

As you can see from the photo in front of the team charter, most of the boys took the skipper up on his suggestion and rocked the cowboy look on the Brewers' flight to St. Louis on Sunday night.

Nyjer Morgan(notes) (in blue at center of photo) really got into character, of course, demanding to be called "Tony Tombstone" — a variation of his alter ego, Tony Plush.

Roenicke was channeling Joe Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays, with whom he worked on the Los Angeles Angel staff. Maddon frequently has the Rays dress in a theme on the road. As Tom Haudricourt wrote in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, his reasoning was simple:

"I like it," Roenicke said. "It's bonding and the humor. I was in San Antonio for a few years (in the minors). I bought stuff every once in a while there."

The players seemed to take to it:

Mount up, cowboys: Morgan, Brewers take off in Western wearPitchers Chris Narveson(notes) (pictured left) and Yovani Gallardo(notes) interpreted the cowboy look in their own way.

Asked about the somewhat conservative Roenicke suggesting the theme, third baseman Casey McGehee(notes) said, "He likes to have some fun. Maybe we're finally starting to get to him. Maybe we're starting to drive him off the deep end."

Ryan Braun(notes) said Roenicke might be understated in some ways but definitely likes to have fun with the players and promote camaraderie.

"He definitely has a personality and likes that we enjoy ourselves," Braun said. "This is his contribution to us having fun. This breaks up the monotony of doing the same thing, wearing the same thing, traveling the same way every time."

"It's nice for us to make fun of each other and have fun with it. You see guys who typically would never wear stuff like this, the majority of us, so it's definitely fun for everybody. This would be the only time in my life I would dress like this, aside from Halloween, so I might as well go all in."

This kind of stuff is great. Not necessarily because it works as a team-building exercise — which it might — but because the public gets to see ballplayers in wacky outfits. The same goes for the rookie hazing bit where guys have to dress like Baby Huey, or something. It's fun for them (usually), it's fun for us (always).

It's especially fun for Morgan, who said via Twitter:

Mount up, cowboys: Morgan, Brewers take off in Western wear

Cowboy Plush 2 tha Rescue!!! Yeeeeeee-Haaaaaaaaa

R u digging tha [Canadian] Tuxedo

Saddle up Partner's, where taking tha shootm up bang bang Crew 2 tha Lou Aaaaahhhhh!!!

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