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Push aside Tim Lincecum and his puppy and reset the adorable meter! This clip of Emily Monforto tossing away a baseball like an old Tastykake wrapper during Tuesday's game against Washington is currently sweeping the Internet and broadcast world. (Not to mention inspiring at least 842,345 "hey, she's just training for the day she starts throwing Duracells" and "maybe mom is a Cubs fan" jokes.)

The three-year-old's direct disposal came directly after her dad Steve made a great grab of his first foul ball and was followed by an "Isn't She Lovely?" hug that will melt even the darkest heart. I'd say so much for having a family keepsake, but watching as your darling daughter steals the hearts of every highlight show and blog definitely makes for a much better memory. 

UPDATE: NBC Philadelphia just caught up with the Monfortos. Steve says that he and Emily often play catch at home and that her throw was natural instinct kicking in:

"I think she was startled by the reaction of the fans around us — there was a collective gasp," said Monforto. "She was also startled by the look on my face. I just wanted to let her know it was OK — that she didn't do anything wrong."

UPDATE #2: A little boy had the same reaction at a Giants game last season. WATCH  

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