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I know I'm not the only one who experiences this, but every March there are a couple of times where I realize the season really isn't all that far away and I get all giddy. My cheeks get flush, a few butterflies float through my stomach and I start feeling tingly when I think of things like setting my fantasy lineup and pushing through a turnstile.

How do I know I'm not alone in this irrational behavior? Because there's no way that WGN put together this ad for 2010 Chicago Cubs games without the direct intention of creating warm fuzzies before the season. The station did a fantastic job, too. Play a clip of Harry Caray saying "Hello again, everybody" over shots of Wrigley Field and I'm liable to completely forget about the current state of the team — if only for a while.

WGN's White Sox version also is great and it includes Harry, too. Check it out below.

A big BLS head nod to Wax Paper Beer Cup for the redirect. 

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Big League Stew

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