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Warning: The following video contains swearing en Espanol

The folks over at Redleg Nation just uncovered this video entitled "Maceo y Edinson Volquez" on YouTube and it's a fascinating one. The guy in the driver's seat bears a striking resemblance to Reds star Edinson Volquez and is even identified by the passenger as such. Meanwhile, the passenger is believed to be mambo star Maceo, who spends most of the video doing the talking.

According to a friend who speaks Spanish, the passenger tells viewers that there are no drugs in the car. Then, after being passed a handgun by the driver, he waves it before going on a rant against "****talkers," which is why he's "bringing it."

Of course, we can't know what's going on here without a larger context and we don't want to infer that any laws were being broken. The clip could very well be a poorly-shot preview for Maceo's next video as the end text seems to suggest. Still, in an age where even Michael Phelps can have his reputation damaged, you'd have to think that this isn't a clip Volquez would want up on YouTube.  

UPDATE: C. Trent Rosecrans has spoken with the Reds and the team knows about the video. They are "gathering information" and will make a statement later. 

UPDATE #2: The Reds confirm my initial hunch and say it was part of a professional video shoot. Still not sure why they'd want one of their stars featured with a firearm, though. 

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