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As I noted after Jon Lester's no-hitter, a historic baseball moment is now guaranteed to produce dozens of "I Was There!" videos on YouTube, quality or the ability to actually see what happened be damned. 

Anyway, Dan from Red Sox Monster has the rundown of home videos following Manny Ramirez's 500th home run at Fenway Park Camden Yards on Saturday, including this one below. Make sure to watch carefully at the 1:10 mark, as a non-athletic fan decides dugout acrobatics might be the best way to mark such a momentous occasion. 

I particularly enjoyed the reaction from the Red Sox players who were standing on the top step of the dugout. Can anyone who was at the game tell me what happened to this man after he got done somersaulting? I'd like to think that some O's fans harnessed some Oriole Magic and took the guy down, but by watching the roar from the pro-Red Sox crowd in this video, I'm not sure that any were in attendanc to do so.

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