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Extreme pitching skill was the biggest reason that Felix Hernandez(notes) was signed to his new five-year, $78 million contract, but I'm convinced his comedic value in commercials — or at least the guys he has writing for him — played a role in the final figure.

First, you'll remember his flower delivery ad from 2009, which was easily the funniest of the Mariners' annual crop of humorous commercials.

Now witness the clip from the new MLB 2K10 "batters vs pitchers" campaign above in which Hernandez and Kendry Morales(notes) face off as King Felix eats lunch on the dugout bench. The back and forth between Justin Verlander(notes) and Justin Morneau(notes) is great, too.

I'm not saying any of them should quit their day jobs, but a big BLS head nod for earning a chuckle. Another clip of Hernandez and Morales can be found below:  

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