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At this point, I'd have to think that Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto(notes) stands a pretty good chance of holding onto his lead in the balloting for the NL's Final Vote spot. After all, everyone seems to realize that his league-leading 1.017 OPS fell victim to Sunday's biggest snub and the Reds have formed a crimson-tinged and Cincinnati-centric voting alliance with area native Kevin Youkilis(notes) and the mighty Red Sox Nation.

That said, Ryan Parker Songs' takeoff on Styx's Mr. Roboto (seen above) might swing a few of my votes over to Heath Bell(notes), Carlos Gonzalez(notes), Billy Wagner(notes) or Ryan Zimmerman(notes).

Not because I dislike the original song, mind you, but because it's my belief that Mr. Roboto should never performed without any and all of the following: Synthesizers, keyboards, robot voices, robot costumes, dark sets, and Dennis DeYoung's overwhelming urge to commit career suicide. Go the acoustic route when parodying that old concept tune and it's clear that you're only fooling yourself. (Go see what I did there.)

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