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Pass the bonbons! Arizona's Conor Jackson(notes) made a guest appearance on Wednesday's episode of General Hospital and the reviews of his performance as a therapist are in:

He should probably keep his day night job (once he's healthy enough to return to it). 

C-Jack majored in theatre at California and his father, John M. Jackson, is an actor who's best known for being on the CBS series JAG. Despite that pedigree, Jackson's performance in Port Charles looks about as wooden as his bats, though it should be noted that the D-back didn't exactly have Bill Shakespeare sending in his lines from the writer's dugout. 

Said Jackson of his cameo, which was set up by ESPN:

"I was more nervous doing that than standing in the batters' box."

Jackson hasn't had a banner year in 2009, posting a line of .182/.264/.253 with one homer and 14 RBI through 30 games. However, he's been on the disabled list since May 12 with Arizona's infamous "valley fever" and pneumonia. It still isn't known when he'll return. 

A big BLS head nod to Stewie Mike D. for the tip. 

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