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This post really could have gone on any of our great Yahoo! sports blogs, but since I found it on Red Sox Monster (thanks, Dan!), I get the extreme privilege of bringing you the best six minutes of nostalgia you'll see all day.

The time is May, 1993. The place is Boston. The setting is a bar where anyone who was anyone in Boston athletics (look, it's Sea Bass!) came to pay their respects on the last night of Sam "Mayday" Malone's legendary establishment ...

After watching that bit (and suffering through way too many "Hiyas!" from Jay Leno), it's hard to believe that it's been almost 15 years since Cheers ended, which allows me to bring up two more show-related topics:

1) Does anyone have the clip from the Kirstie Alley-hosted SNL where the cast members dress up as the Cheers characters and sing the theme song during her monologue? Anyone who allows me to relive the genius that was Phil Hartman as Dr. Frasier Crane wins a round of sarsaparillas.

2) For some reason, the first article I went and found when SI's Vault opened a few weeks ago was "Everybody Knows His Name," Steve Rushin's great fictional profile of Sam Malone. You can find it within the pages of the infamous "I'm Barry Bonds And You're Not" issue.

(The Bonds article is a classic, too.) 

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