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Adam Dunn(notes) cares. About baseball. About winning in D.C. About his friends. About restocking the oyster population of Chesapeake Bay.

The Washington Nationals slugger, at one time painted as something of a selfish brute by a now semi-employed general manager, has become quite a leader in the District.

A champion, actually — not only for our Capital City's baseball team, but also for its local sea life.

Dunn recently lent his speaking skills to a public service announcement for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, a group that says its mission is to restore and protect the bay and its tributary rivers.

"You recycle paper," Dunn says. "You recycle glass. Did you know that you can recycle oyster shells too?

"Shells donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation are recycled into oyster reefs. There, the recycled shells become homes for baby oysters — helping re-populate oysters in the bay.

"Go to bat for the bay."

It's the cutest thing EVER when Dunn says "homes for baby oysters." How can you not donate a few bucks shells for such a cause?

(If not, the question has to be asked: Why do you hate baby oysters?)

Dunn's PSA is part of a series played at Nationals Park and Camden Yards, along with MASN TV and, of course, the Internet.

Baltimore Orioles right-hander Jeremy Guthrie(notes) asks that fans keep the bay clean because it means better seafood and more jobs. Nationals manager Jim Riggleman encourages fans to engage themselves in keeping Chesapeake streams clean. O's outfielder Adam Jones(notes) advocates for cleaner Chesapeake air.

All worthy considerations. But Dunn's PSA is the best. Baby oysters for the win!

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