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Perhaps there are residents of the greater Milwaukee area that don't own computers and therefore can't access Otherwise, I have no earthly idea why you would pull a heaterless tent to the Miller Park sidewalk and camp out for Brewers tickets on Opening Day. If there's an opposite of the fires of hell, I'm sure this is it. 

Nevertheless, I applaud these fans for their dedication and ability to withstand subzero temperatures. No doubt that they used a little "liquid refreshment" to get through the whole ordeal, but that's to be expected. Opening Day is only a few weeks away and since this is Wisconsin we're talking about, it's probably about time to start pregaming.

One question, though: Why wouldn't the team let these guys camp out inside Miller Park? Last I checked, it had a roof and there isn't much going on inside in the middle of winter. I can't imagine there'd be much liability so long as you kept the drunkest fans off visiting TV reporters and Bernie Brewer's slide.

• Brewers fans camp out for Opening Day tickets / YouTube

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