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Sweet mother of Mukwonago! Not that the world needed any more reasons to voyage to Miller Park this year, but the addition of a unique concession item just sweetened the pot.

Or should I say fattened? It's called the Racing Sausage kebab and it'll be sold at the ballpark's Plaza Grill in 2011. The recipe idea was submitted by 25-year-old Courtney Ring in the Milwaukee Brewers' "Create-a-Concession" fan contest, and her creation is pretty self-explanatory. The kebabs will feature grilled veggies and chunks from each of the five delicious sausages that dash to our delight — bratwurst, Polish, Italian, hot dog and chorizo.

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Needless to say, Ring's submission ran away with the contest, garnering nearly 38 percent of the popular vote. The last time a Wisconsin resident had such a revolutionary and great idea, Larry Granillo decided to find out which Cubs game Ferris Bueller attended.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:  

"In baseball, the player can hit for the cycle — gets a base hit, double, triple and home run all in the same game," [Ring] explains. "Some of my friends talk about 'eating for the cycle' at Brewer games, where you try to eat one of each of the sausages during the game."

Her invention makes that easy.

You can say that again. While nothing will top the majesty of the Brewers' cheese fries in a helmet, you have to love a recipe so simple that it's destined to be replicated at great Miller Park tailgates forevermore. 

It's almost — almost — enough to make this Chicagoan forget he's going to be consuming it in the presence of people clad in green-and-gold Super Bowl XLV champs gear this summer.  

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