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The Nationals' 15-6 pasting of the Cubs on Tuesday night was the type of game that seemed to defy description for Friendly Confiners.

Yes, Chicago has been very bad since occupying first place on July 27 — they've gone 10-16 since that date to fall nine games behind St. Louis — but to allow baseball's worst team to keep shoveling the dirt on the '09 season at Wrigley Field?

There were simply no words.

Well at least I thought there weren't, but leave it to right fielder Milton Bradley(notes) — who actually went 4-for-4 with a solo home run — to channel one of the most famous whippings of all time while describing the destruction on the North Side.   

From ESPN Chicago: 

Q: Obviously not the type of beginning you felt you were gonna have here on the homestand:

MB: "No, we got a Rodney King beatdown tonight."

Raise your hand if you ever thought the '09 Nats would ever be compared to the '90s LAPD! I'd say that Bradley's comment was insensitive — King suffered a broken face, a broken leg and countless bruises during that incident — but in an age where a portion of this country sees no problem in comparing the President's healthcare campaign to the Nazis' extermination of millions of human beings, I have no idea where that line is anymore.

Bradley later said he didn't have a "politically correct answer" for a question about how demoralizing a nine-game deficit can be this late in the season, so I guess we'll just cut our losses and be thankful he didn't choose to compare his team to Reginald Denny. 

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