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Mike Scioscia gets a bobblehead night at Dodger Stadium

When fans enter the gates of Dodger Stadium for the Angels-Dodgers game on June 12, they'll be given what I assume is a first in the world of baseball giveaways  — a bobblehead of that night's opposing manager.

Of course, it's not just any opposing manager. It's Mike Scioscia, who won two World Series and spent all 13 of his seasons as a catcher with the Los Angeles Dodgers (as well as a few more years as a coach) before heading south and taking the Los Angeles Angels' manager job in 2000. If it was once thought impossible to be an inextricable part of the fabric of bot franchises, Scioscia — now the longest-tenured manager in the bigs after Tony La Russa's retirement — has proven that wrong.

Still, I can't get past the fact that it's at least a little weird, even if we're living in a world where the Milwaukee Brewers hand out CC Sabathia bobbleheads when he's pitching for the New York Yankees. What's even stranger is that the Dodgers could pull this opposing manager move twice this season, as the giveaway for the Aug. 30 game against the Arizona Diamondbacks is still listed as "TBA" and some speculation has D'Backs skipper Kirk Gibson being that night's bobblehead honoree.

But lest any of you worry about Don Mattingly's ego or his job security, don't fret. Ol' Donnie Baseball already received a  bobblehead night last summer.

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