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If you're friends with a Mets fan, you might want to keep an eye on him or her for the next few hours. Not only did Pedro Martinez last only 57 pitches last night before leaving with a strained left hamstring, but the Marlins won the game, 5-4, on a walkoff homer by rookie Robert Andino. That officially makes the Mets fanbase the first of 2008 to hit the panic button (and, yes, it was only the second game of the season).

Martinez is scheduled to have an MRI back in New York today, but it's hard to imagine the news being better than expected. Pedro is 36 years old, started only five games in '07 and has been living in that injury-riddled zone since the end of '05. For the Mets, the sooner they can stage a Plan 'B' with their rotation the better. (And at least they'll have experience with such things.) 

Not that it's easing the hurt at all. Here's a sampling of reaction from Mets blogs:

Miracle Mets: "The high from opening day is already gone.  Pedro Martinez is hurt 3.1 subpar innings into 2008.  The bullpen blew a game in extra innings. Mets bats disappeared after the 6th inning.  Didn’t we already go over this last year?"

Amazin' Avenue: "I was understandably optimistic about Pedro's performance heading into the game, but that washed away in a sea of red after he hit Hanley Ramirez and gave up a two-run bomb to Dan Uggla to start the bottom of the first inning."

Mets Today: "Pedro’s pulled hamstring is all my fault. You see, I picked Pedro for my fantasy baseball team — and any Met on my fantasy team is doomed. I thought it was a silly coincidence that Carlos Delgado was terrible last year, that Cliff Floyd was the one Met who put up poor numbers in 2006, that Carlos Beltran and Mike Piazza were both terrible in 2005, that Jeromy Burnitz was a bust in 2002, and all those guys just happened to be on my fantasy team during those times. Lesson learned: don’t mess with the baseball gods."

The 'Ropolitans: "I guess this is the perfect case of karma. We all fell in love with Johan Santana and his amazingness, so it only works out that our #2 guy would have to go down with an injury in his first game of the season. As Mets fans, did we really think we would have an injury-free year?"

Mets Grrl: "My mantra for this year: moderation. As I’d like to say to the preening fans of That Team in the Bronx, there are 162 games. This is the year I learn to take it one game at a time. No more pulling my sweatshirt over my head during the first 20 games of the year."

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