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There are no hard and fast rules to the world of blogging, but I feel like I'm doing OK if I just steer clear of comparing anything in baseball to the regimes of Nazi Germany and/or Stalinist Russia.

I do that — plus avoid any metaphors involving serial killers — and everything runs smoothly. 

Now, I would've assumed that many broadcasters applied the same maxim to their work, but then Fox's Tim McCarver went and drew a parallel between the New York Yankees and two European nations responsible for the deaths of millions of people.  

Wait, Tim McCarver went on an ill-advised, ill-informed and clumsy rant because he thinks the Yankees have erased any evidence that Joe Torre ever led the team to four World Series titles?

Of course he did. 

MLB already scrubbed YouTube of NYY Stadium Insider's clip, but luckily Lisa Swan of Subway Squawkers transcribed McCarver's words for us.

Here's what he said:

"You remember some of those despotic leaders in World War II, primarily in Russia and Germany, where they used to take those pictures that they had ... taken of former generals who were no longer alive, they had shot 'em. They would airbrush the pictures, and airbrushed the generals out of the pictures. In a sense, that's what the Yankees have done with Joe Torre. They have airbrushed his legacy. I mean, there's no sign of Joe Torre at the stadium. And, that's ridiculous. I don't understand it."

Uh, yeah. That's one for the Timmy Mac tangent Hall of Fame, because not only is the comparison one of the worst you can make — what, he didn't see any tie to Al-Qaeda? — it's also completely untrue. As a few blogs have pointed out, there are pictures of Torre that currently hang at the new Yankee Stadium, even though he's now manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and wrote that feather-ruffling book in 2009.

OK, so I get that McCarver might be mad that the Yankees haven't excessively glorified his buddy's time with the club yet, but at what point over the past two years would that have made sense? He's managing another team on the opposite side of the country and he hasn't yet retired. The wounds are still a little raw, but I'm betting Torre will get his No. 6 retired right after Derek Jeter(notes) hangs up his No. 2. That'd leave the Yankees with no single digits available for future players (save for '0') and the closure on that championship era would seem fitting. (Seeing as how the Bulls have a Phil Jackson banner hanging at the United Center, Torre wouldn't even have to be retired from the Dodgers for that to happen.)

Until that happens, though, McCarver would be well-advised to go the "Evil Empire" route that most usually take when trying to imply the Yankees have ulterior motives that aren't exactly pure. Not only is a reference to a fictional character like Darth Vader way more socially acceptable than a Hitler mention, he'd also have a chance to make a cool reference about  choking Captain Antilles when talking about schemes — imagined or otherwise — to erase someone's legacy. 

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