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Gated communities are full of millionaires who sell stupid things to stupid people — Snuggies and Lady Gaga, for example — so I have no problem with what the Florida Marlins are currently doing.

As you might have read, the team that usually can't sell tickets to games in the future is now in the business of selling tickets to games in the past. Starting Tuesday, fans of Roy Halladay(notes) and the Philadelphia Phillies can start purchasing the ducats that weren't sold at Sun Life Stadium for Doc's perfect game on Saturday night.

Phils fans, of course, aren't the only ones welcome to ask "who's got two?" Halladay's old pals back in Toronto — or any baseball collector, really — can fork over cash so they provide proof for the easily impressed that they were indeed there in the flesh.

[Photos: View a slideshow of Roy Halladay in action.]

The catch is that the tickets are still full price, so this gimmick — which was first employed by the Chicago White Sox after Mark Buehrle's(notes) perfect game last year — is not for those looking for a cheap souvenir.

I personally would never pay for a ticket stub to a game I hadn't attended — it means nothing to me if I didn't actually go — but I know there are collectors who love gobbling up stubs to historical moments in baseball history.

Still, I can't believe that the hardcore collectors would opt for this route. The ticket you'd get is the generic Ticketmaster printing, and the nice color tickets provided to Marlins season ticket holders are currently up for bid on eBay. That's a much better memento, though given their small STH base, there probably won't be a huge supply floating around.

I know that some will charge the Marlins with preying on the emotions of fans in the name of pure profiteering and I can see their point. But no one's throwing batteries at the head of a Phillies fan and making him buy this. The opportunity to sell a hot ticket doesn't often come along for the Marlins and so they have to strike while the market is hot.  

Even if the market was created by Halladay nine innings after the usual fact. 

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