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After last week's news of offensive Fukudome t-shirts (which are no longer being sold), Lou Piniella's distaste for Red Bull and Marty Brennaman's distaste for Cubs fans, I promised myself I'd be taking it a bit easy on the news out of Wrigleyville this week.

Yet what kind of blogger would I be if I kept my new desktop image to myself? The above picture of Marisa Miller's first pitch (video) on Friday is from noted Wrigleyville photographer Will Byington, who has apparently graduated from taking the author's photos for strange, local writers to shooting real, live Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover models. Not a bad day's work, Will.

After the jump, see two pictures that probably caused Ryan Dempster to have a little 'splainin to do when he got home from his first pitch duties on Friday ... And just so the ladies don't accuse me of being exclusionary, I also posted these photos so you could check out that rock on her finger. (Of course, I did!)

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